venerdì 10 luglio 2015

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  1. Looking ahead, Kate Spade announced that it will be opening a new store in London — its fourth — in the city's popular Regent Street shopping district, set to open in 2016. "We remain focused on our two key axes of growth – geographic kate spade expansion and product category expansion – and selected the Regent Street location based on customer demand and existing success in this market," Leavitt said. "This progress further establishes our foothold in the European region as we move toward our vision of becoming a powerful, global, multichannel lifestyle brand."With just two weeks until Thanksgiving and six until Christmas, the time has come for luxury labels and fast-fashion retailers alike to (prematurely) commence the holiday season. Topshop, Burberry kate spade surprise sale and Kate Spade have all dropped their respective seasonal advertisements in the last week — and as of Tuesday morning, so too did H&M, which first announced in July that it had tapped Katy Perry as its festive campaign star. Now, a whole four months later, the 31-year-old's ads have landed (and in the midst of a brutal controversy surrounding Starbucks's red holiday cups, no less!). How timely!
    Equally fascinating were the most common fashion questions kate spade usa we posed to Google throughout the year. The top five searches are pretty reasonable, focusing largely on what to wear to a wedding/interview/first date/concert. The tenth most popular search, however, was: "What color matches brown?" Yes, there is a whole segment of this great kate spade diaper bag nation that took the time to ponder this question via Google.
    One recent success in the short fashion film genre is Kate Spade’s “#missadventure” series starring Anna Kendrick (see episode no. 2 above). The films — there will be four in total, each around three minutes — have a few things going for them right off the bat. As an established, publicly traded brand, Kate Spade can afford high-end production and a famous, well-liked star. Mary Beech, chief marketing officer of Kate Spade, tells us the investment in video followed a “major shift in ad budget," and says the amount the company spent on the video series is comparable to nordstrom kate spade what it might have spent on a print campaign (which Kate Spade also did this season — the latest stars Iris Apfel and Karlie Kloss). Beech says it takes eight to 12 weeks to develop a video, from conceiving the storyline to finding the right director. In sum,



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